Abrytha’s Promise” is a roleplaying campaign based in the home-brewed setting of Feradomar created by Justin Andrew Mason. The platform for game mechanics is the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game by Paizo Publishing.

A brief synopsis of the campaign by chapter is available to read here, and will be consistently updated as the campaign plot advances. Alternatively individual game session logs are available and can be found sorted in chronological order at the bottom of this page.

This campaign has been placed On Hiatus.

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Player Characters listed in order of first appearance in the campaign

Player: Character: Info: Level:
Justin Gamemaster
Cody Vannic Cousland Male Human Summoner (Nox) 10th
Richie Tormir Oakstream Male Human Ranger 10th
Terry Arsu Reddus Male Human Rogue 10th
Jason Aziz Reddus Male Human Fighter 10th
Aaron Sir Nestor Stonemorrow Male Human Paladin of Sayryndel, Field Knight of Highborn 10th
Currently Inactive
Clothar Grimhilt Male Dwarf Cleric of Garoth
(Turned to stone by gorgon ooze trap in GS#3, revived by Lylistrahd of Thyane in GS#5, but did not rejoin party)
Debo Claud Ironfist Male Human Monk
(Master of Styles)
Currently Inactive
Dahlia Female Human Druid
(Traveled south to temple in the Fallen Kingdoms with Lylistrahd of Thyane in GS#5)
Date Game Session Title # Players in Attendance Game Play Time
Chapter I: A Day of Celebration
05/30/2014 #1. The Baron Bleeds with Gavendor (Days 1-2) 2 7.0 Hours
06/06/2014 #2. A Wayward Meeting in the Western Wood (Days 2-3) 6 5.5 Hours
06/20/2014 #3. A Heavy-Handed Approach… (Day 3; Evening) 6 3.0 Hours
07/11/2014 #4. A Tale of Bondage and of Blood (Day 4) 7 8.0 Hours
Chapter II: A Gathering of Heroes
08/01/2014 #5. A Fiery Descent from the Heavens (Days 5-9) 7 7.5 Hours
08/29/2014 #6. It’s Just a Flesh Wound! (Day 9; Evening) 6 6.5 Hours
09/26/2014 #7. What Lies Behind Door #1? (Days 9-10) 6 8.0 Hours
10/10/2014 #8. Lady of the Red Shard (Days 10-13) 6 9.0 Hours
Chapter III: Divine Blood
11/07/2014 #9. Escape from Nindol (Days 13-15) 5 5.5 Hours
11/21/2014 #10. The Slaying of Legends (Day 15; Morning) 6 5.5 Hours
12/19/2014 #11. The Battle of Orkwood (Day 15; Evening) 6 6.0 Hours
03/20/2015 #12. Ambush at Empire Pass (Days 15-25) 6 5.0 Hours
05/08/2015 #13. The Watchman I (Days 25-26) 6 6.0 Hours
05/22/2015 #14. The Watchman II 4 5.5 Hours
06/12/2015 #15. Lord of Goblins 4 4.5 Hours
07/17/2015 #16. The Fields of War 3 3.0 Hours
- (Campaign Placed on Hiatus after 07/17/2015) - -
Campaign Play Time: 16 Game Sessions 8 Players 99.5 Hours

Abryntha's Promise (On Hiatus)

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