Abryntha's Promise (On Hiatus)

A Fiery Descent from the Heavens

Game Session #5 - 08-01-2014

Date: Friday, August 1, 2014
Location: Cody’s House
Time: (6:00 PM CST – 2:30 AM CST [1 Hour Break]) [7.5 Hours] (31.0 Hours Total Game Time)

Game Time: Days 5 – 9
Player Characters Involved: Vannic Cousland, Tormir Oakstream, Arsu Reddus, Aziz Reddus, Nestor Stonemorrow, and Claud Ironfist
Encounters: (1) Imp, (1) Ogre Shaman “The Butcher”, (4) Hill Giants, (1) Hill Giant Cheiftain (2) Succubus, (2) Undead Dwarves
NPCs Involved (in order of first appearance): Baron Theodor Gavendor, Magus Theban Overtul, Prince Grimrok of the House Ard’Tully (Hammer Clan), Brandon Cousland, Captain Jarl Levenstone, Gyntha Tormanthis.

Treasure: Click here to see Game Session #5 Treasure Notes

EXP: 500 xp to entire party for Clearing Dungeon & Completing Chapter I. 500 xp to Claud Ironfist for piecing together clues from the letter of Appoth Kepper, and 8,228 xp to PC’s involved in entire “airship crash” engagement; (4,114 xp to Dahlia for her involvement in the engagement).

The PC’s complete searching the makeshift library in the ruins beneath the ancient temple. There they discover a letter written by Appoth Kepper to Gyntha Tormanthis. There are two seperate but simultaneous battles with an imp, and “the butcher.” Afterwards, a contengant of dwarven soldiers arrive. They were sent by the Prince to assist the PC’s when the NPC’s returned to Gavendor and informed everyone what was happening.

There was a meeting at Gavendor Keep.

Leaving Gavendor by dwarven airship, the party makes their way to the capitol city of Nindol. After the “Clouds Destiny” and accompanying airship were fell by dwarven suicide bombers (alchemists from the Cult of Abryntha) on board, the survivors were waylaid by a dark dwarven sorceress (Gyntha Tormanthis) commanding several hill giants and two succubus. The party, with the help of the surviving dwarven airship crews, were able to fight off the giants and demonesses, but the evil dwarven priestess escaped with the unconscious (who the PCs though was) Prince Grimrok of the House Ard’Tully. The party later discovered that who they thought was the prince was a decoy (the administrator of foreign trade of Highguard), and that the captain of the Cloud’s Destiny (whom they had known as Captain Jarl Levenstone) was actually Prince Ard’Tully. The game session wrapped after the very long combat engagement, with the Prince and surviving dwarven warriors prepping to search the burning remnants of the downed airships for survivors (including Magus Theban Overtul) and thigh High Priest of Thyane.



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