Abryntha's Promise (On Hiatus)

Escape from Nindol

Game Session #9 - 11-07-2014

Date: Friday, November 7, 2014
Location: Terry’s House
Time: (7:00 PM CST – 12:30 AM CST) [5.5 Hours] (60.0 Hours Total Game Time)

Game Time: Days 13 (evening) – 15 (morning). Ending early morning of the 15th day.

PCs Invovled: Aziz Reddus, Arsu Reddus, Claud Ironfist, Sir Nestor Stonemorrow, and Tormir Oakstream.

NPCs Involved: Empress Lystra Uldune, Prince Grimrok of the House Ard’Tully (Hammer Clan), The Watchman, Volcam Synderallis, and Namani, Servant of Phode.

XP Awarded: 4,500 XP to all in attendance for successfully escaping the dungeon of Nindol.

Enemies fell: None. There was a combat engagement between the Captain of the Nindol Guard and Claud Ironfist (and 200 Nindol guardsmen and the rest of the party), no deaths occured as a result of that engagement.

Treasure: Treasure looted from Gyntha Tormanthis [dead] — a black tattered “shadowy” cloak (seems cursed), a sapphire inset silver tiara, a sapphire inset silver choker harness (female form), cold iron pauldron, a leather bag with a tied opening at either end. (Note: + contents of the bag-of-holding portion of the Gyntha’s bag). Bag of Holding Type IV given to the adventurers by Volcam Synderallis to assist with their escape.



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