Abryntha's Promise (On Hiatus)

The Watchman I

Game Session #13 - 05/08/2015

We wrapped the game session in the middle of combat. The party was separated. Aziz Reddus and Arsu Reddus had just “disembarked” from the airship they had nearly commandeered. Arsu had been thrown overboard, but Aziz used the wings of his armor to fly down and catch his brother. The duo was flying back down just outside the city where they had last seen the Lady Pyne and the Thralland Knights.

Claud Ironfist, Sir Nestor Stonemorrow, Vannic Cousland, and Tormir Oakstream had been teleported by the The Watchman to the great hall in the palace of Nindol where their engaged combat was continiuing. Cody had attempted to flee the great hall going north, Claud west west, but being blind, slammed into a wall, Tormir attempted to flee south. Nestor stood fast in the center of the room to draw the attention of the Watchman.

Combat Stats:

Aziz Reddus — HP 60/128
Arsu Reddus — HP 47/109
Claud Ironfist — HP 116/116 (Blind for 3 more rounds)
Sir Nestor Stonemorrow — HP 51/131
Vannic Cousland — HP 71/? (Nox: Dead? / Still present on the floor in the greatroom)
Tormir Oakstream — HP 112/120



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