Abryntha's Promise (On Hiatus)

What Lies Behind Door #1

Game Session #7 - 09-26-2014

Date: Friday, September 26, 2014
Location: Cody’s House
Time: (7:00 PM CST – 3:00 AM CST) [8.0 Hours] (45.5 Hours Total Game Time)

Game Time: Late evening of the 9th day into the early pre-dawn morning of the 10th day. (PC’s are becoming exhausted — penalties applied)

PCs Invovled: Arsu Reddus, Aziz Reddus, Claud Ironfist, Nestor Stonemorrow, Tormir Oakstream, and Vannic Cousland.

NPCs Involved: Bachrum Vinesorrow, Gyntha Tormanthis, Jarl Levenstone, Finance Minister of Highborn Empire, Magus Theban Overtul, Usylla, Queen of the Myconids, and Jeoff Overtul.

XP Awarded: 5,833 XP for Encounter with the Mad Alchemist and related events (to Arsu, Aziz, Claud, Nestor, Tormir, and Vannic). 10,000 XP for Elven Vault puzzles (to Aziz, Claud, Nestor, Tormir, and Vannic). 1,000 bonus XP to Tormir (for risking his life on the 40th knock and solving the “Combination Knock” puzzle), 500 bonus XP to Vannic/Nestor for successfully brainstorming puzzle solutions.

Enemies fell: The Mad Alchemist, Bachrum Vinesorrow, Ghonhatine “watchdogs” (x2), and a troglodyte (x1).

Treasure: Items from encounter with Bachrum Vinesorrow: Cloak of Resistance [100% protection from all elemental energies] {artifact level item}, 4 syringes (copper, silver, gold, and one large silvery), 5 vials of mysterious glowing liquid, alchemist’s journal/research log.

Adventure Summary

In the Forest of Thyane near a small lake, about 50 miles southwest of the city of Nindol, it is late in the evening of the 9th day of adventuring…


  • With Grackt, the captured troglodyte, leading them to the lakeside cave, the adventurers take note of a massive pile of rocks near the cave’s entrance. A steady workflow of “mushroom people” (which Tormir identifies as myconids) each carry a bag of stone debris from within the cave, dump it upon the pile, and then shuffle back inside.
  • A pair of accompanying troglodyte guards accost one of the creatures that drops its bag. When it falters to the ground, the troglodyte pair kill and devour the myconid. The other mushroom workers don’t even seem to take note of the murder.
  • Arsu Reddus and Tormir Oakstream are made invisible by the magic of Vannic Cousland, and together infiltrate the cavern undetected. They will scout into the cave and return to their allies awaiting outside to devise a plan of action.
  • When the two invisible men approach the cave entrance, they inadvertently trigger a magic alarm, and a trio of sigils cast upon the hillside are activated. Three flares launch high into the air, and illuminate the area as if it were daytime. Seconds later a dozen troglodytes armed with spears rush out of the cave.
  • The party of adventurers is spotted while hiding in the nearby overgrowth, and the troglodytes rush towards them, and past the two invisible mean who immediate rush into the cave that has been left unattended.
  • Very near the cave entrance, the two discover hundreds upon hundreds of the mycronid workers huddled in a large cavern, many of them swaying back and forth in sync. The cavern containing the myconid colony is dimly illuminated by biolumanecent fungus that grows upon the chamber walls. The active myconid workers, continue down the western branch of corridors deeper into the cave.
  • The lack of light forces Tormir to turn back. In the darkness, Arsu who had barrowed Claud Ironfist’s “magic goggles” is able to see in the dark and continues deeper into the cave.
  • The invisible Arsu, seeing the myconid workers going into and coming out of the western branch, decides to explore the eastern branch instead due to the lack of traffic, and less chance of being discovered. After discovering and bypassing an illusionary floor pit trap, Arsu locates a massive cavern where there appears to be a troglodyte “village” of nearly a hundred of the creatures. The entire cavern is illuminated dimly by glowing lichen and moss that covers the walls and stalactite-laden ceiling.
  • Trying to leave the cave before the invisibility spell wears off, Arsu is held up by a pair of troglodytes in the corridors who seem to be arguing. In Draconic, they dispute which of the two is going to be punished by someone named “Bachrum.” Moments later, pain-wrought feminine screaming echos through the cave, and one of the troglodytes states, “He’s started!” as they both rush off towards the western corridor branch.
  • Having the choice of escaping the cave or investigating further, the pleading screams of the woman prompt Arsu to investigate further, and avoiding mycronid workers as they shuffle down the western branch, he follows the sound of the screams.
  • In an offshoot of the western branch corridor, Arsu cames across a narrow tunnel leading to a moderately sized cavern that seems to have been outfitted as a laboratory; the near constant screaming and moaning come from within.
  • Sneaking to the edge of the room, Inside the laboratory Arsu sees a dark-skinned, white-haired man wearing a gold and black robe standing before a desk. On the desk is a glass lamp filled with a black substance and above it levitates a roiling purple flame. The man, grasping a large silver syringe, placed the needle into the flame, and draws back the plunger and it seems to draw some of the substance into it.
  • Across the room, bound spread-eagle upon a strange metal and wooden apparatus is what appears to be a female mycronid, though oddly the creature boasts humanoid feminine features and her voice, gasping and screaming is very humanlike in nature. Strange tubes filled a a glowing purple substance have been plunged into her chest and neck and as they pulsate, her body writhes in unbearable pain.
  • The man turns towards the imprisoned myconid, and injects the syringe deep into her chest. As he pressed the plunger down, the creatures eyes widen in horror, her body writhes and convulses violently, and her screams become more intense.
  • Fearing his invisibility may be moments from fading, Arsu turns and quietly heads towards the entrance of the cave to regroup with his allies.

Meanwhile, as the other adventurers await the return of their scouts…

  • As the flares trigger and the magic alarm sounds, a group of a dozen troglodytes rush out of the cave. Wielding spears, and alert, they scan the forests edge for intruders. They are spotted by one of the troglodytes who points them out to the others.
  • Charging towards the troglodytes as they advance, Claud takes a single swing with his fist at one, felling it in a single blow. Its brethren take note and ready their spears to strike.
  • Vannic steps forward with Nox (his eidolon), and intimidates the troglodytes into halting their advance. And, after a brief bout of diplomacy, attempts to assure them that the party means them no harm.
  • The party frees Grackt, and he joins the group of troglodytes. After being told that the adventurers only want to meet with Gyntha, the creatures agree to take them to her.
  • As the party joins their new-found troglodyte guides, Tormir (who had been turned back by the lack of illumination in the cave) quietly exits the cave and waits until they have passed to join up with his companions. As they enter the cave, Nestor draws forth his glowing holy symhol to illuminate the way.
  • The party meets up in the cave with Arsu as he makes his exit. Seeing a group of approaching troglodytes, he attempts to hide. Though the creatures walk right past him, his brother, Aziz takes immediate notice of him and motions for him to join them. The troglodytes don’t seem to notice the additional members among the adventurers and continue to take them deeper into the cave, where painful screams can be heard in the distance.
  • Arsu explains to the rest of the party what he has witnessed in the laboratory within the cave, and informs them that the corridor they are being lead to (the west branch) will take them in the direction of the screams.



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