(Monster) Female 'Half-Ogre' Assassin

CR 2 Monster


Each of these creatures that was encountered by the adventurers was female. They all wore the strange “black iron enruned” collars, and had their toungues cut out. Attempts to communicate with the creatures revealed, despite their cunning, that their minds are wracked with insanity, chaos, fear and anguish.

Later discovered to be “manufactured” creatures, rather than “half-ogres”, these female humanoid creatures combine the physical features of both elves and ogres into sleek, curvacious, nimble, and deadly servants.

In the Ogre’s Den (where Appoth Kepper was eventually discovered and killed), it was learned that the aggressive and deadly behavior of these creatures was not natural, but instead they were programmed through long hours of torture, driving them to utter insanity.

They were controlled/managed by Appoth via use of the “enslavement rings” (which were later in Game Session #7 discovered to be the inventions of Bachrum Vinesorrow), which would wreck them with unbearable pain at the whim of the demonologist.

Used as infiltrators into the city of Gavendor, as well as the personal guard of Appoth Kepper, the demonologist (in his disguised form of the Ogre Shaman) also used these creatures as “bribes” to gain the favor and servitude of the ogres and ogre brutes who in turn frequently forced the unnaturally ogre-like women into mating with them. No offspring ever resulted.

Through research in Appoth Keppers library after his demise, the party discovered that these creatures were being “created” in greater numbers elsewhere, and that the group found in the Ogre Den were gifted to the dwarven demonologist for his service by Gyntha Tormanthis. Though, where they are being created, why, and by whom remains a mystery.


(Monster) Female 'Half-Ogre' Assassin

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