Yorgonn, Devourer of Souls [dead]


Gargantuan Three-headed Stone Dragon from the Sithurm’Tal Black Sands [Flame of the World]. Mount of Anataduron [dead] (Servant of the Djin Nallitha, the Destroyer. Yorgonn is the most beloved pet of Nallitha, and Anataduron [dead] (her first lieutenant) is the only individual she trusts with the powerful magical beast.

Each of the three heads of Yorgonn has its own sentience, and identity. The left head is Yor’Guth (a magma drake), the center head is Yor’Goth (an adamant drake), and the right head is Yor’Gath (a drakemage).

Note: Yor’Gath has the ability to manifest Stone Golems 8/day.


Yorgonn, Devourer of Souls [dead]

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