Knights of the Center Stone

centerstone_Sigil.jpgThe Knights of the Center Stone consist of about 50 knights that are in the service of Baron Theodor Gavendorn, baron of the city of Gavendorn. They are sworn to protect the Baron, the Gavendorn family, and the city under their charge.

The knights function as the police force in Gavendorn and surrounding territories, and they are lead by the Marshal Knight, Sir Grahm Winterkeep.

Their symbol is a field of blue bearing a grey circle, symbolic of the Center Stone (a wheel-shaped pulpit located at the center of the Stronghold of the Gavendorn baronry. Each knight swears loyalty to the Baron while standing in the middle of the Center Stone upon pain of death by beheading upon the stone.

The knights often work hand-in-hand with the organization of wizards known as the Watchers. These wizards assist the knights in matters involving arcane magic.

Knights of the Center Stone

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