Pantheon of Deities

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Deities of Dwarven Origin

Alignment & Classification: LG God
Origin: Dwarven, Highborn
Common Reference: God of the Sky
Common Worshippers: Highborn Dwarves
Holy Symbol: A golden tower on a field of sky blue (gold and blue)
Domains: Air, Earth, Good, Nobility
Subdomains: Caves, Friendship, Leadership, Wind
Favored Weapon: Hammer (any type)
Description: A god of Highborn tradition, Garoth is often referred to as Lord of the Sky, and Dwarven mythology states that he was the stonemason who built the mountains of the realm in an age before mortalkin. He is the patron deity of the Highborn Empire, and the Church of Garoth is the official state religion. His wife, the goddess Hahutha often shares an elaborate shrine in each of the official state churches, and it is not uncommon for dwarves, particularly Highborn nobility, to worship the pair as equals in the hierarchy of gods and goddesses.

Dwarven Mythology –

“The Sky, The Waters, and The Mountains”

Garoth the god of the sky, whose home is the heavens above, was infatuated by the beauty of the seas, and fell madly in love with the goddess, Hagutha, who rules them. However, her home being within the sea, lakes and rivers far beneath his domain, the two were separated by a great distance. Wooed by his whispered words, Hagutha also fell in love with Garoth, and reflected the skies upon the surface of her waters as an expression of her affection for him.

Desiring to be with his true love, Garoth fashioned the mountains to connect the sky and land so that he may descend to his lover’s embrace. However, while crafting the great mountains of Feradomar, the god of the sky accidentally released Nallitha, a Jinn who makes her home deep within the earth.

With a fiery explosion of passion she destroyed the first of Garoth’s mountains. Nallitha promised to destroy every mountain that Garoth would ever build unless he lay with her before continuing on to his true love, and so he did as was commanded. The jinn, having been embraced by the god, fell madly in love with Garoth, and from the union she came to be with child (who would later be born as the demigod, Phode).

Though bound by her word not to destroy every mountain that Garoth would build, she often grows jealous of the dismissal by her former lover. Angered by the love shared between Garoth and Hagutha, she occasionally forgets her oath and uses her fiery powers to explode in a volcanic eruption, riding the pillar of ash into the heaves to try and seduce him away from his wife. Though, always rejected, she soon descends back to the ground upon the falling ash.

With the mountains secured from the wrath of the jinn, Garoth finally embraced his true love and took Hagutha as his wife. As they made love, great white waves were formed in the heaves and the waters fell from the sky for the very first time. From this union, Hagutha also came to be with child, and thus was born their daughter, the goddess, Rayni.

Pantheon of Deities

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