This article reflects on the general properties of sylanthium. There is also more specific information available about the Sylanthium Dagger.

An extremely rare magical substance that takes the form of a crystalline adamant gem-like substance. It’s hardness is greater than any other known material, and it is completely immune to magic (of all types). It is also known to negate psionic effects directed at it as well. Magic can encompass, surround, and physically affect the material, but no magic may alter, transmute, or pass into or through sylanthium.

It’s rarity is unfathomable. The few small shards in existence are owned by the realms most powerful and wealthy families. The largest known single shard (a few inches in length) is contained in the crown of the Thyane Empire.

It is known to come in a variety of colors including: red, blue, green, black, amber, crystal (clear), violet, and rainbow (a swirled combination of red blue and amber).

It’s comes in the form of shards with edges sharper than the keenest blades, and are very dangerous to hold or place against bare flesh.

As of game session #8, the largest known piece of Sylanthium (after the shattering of the Red Shard) is the Red Sylanthium Dagger that was used to assassinate the Empress. It’s blade is fashioned from a single shard of the substance and is 9-inces in length.

The relative value of the material: priceless, though tiny shards have been known to be sold by high-end merchants to the wealthiest of customers. The generally accepted price is measured by “coins” (which signifies the shards length in comparison to the standard gold coin of the Thyane Empires. A shard 1-coin in size is valued at about 250,000 gp.


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