The Dwarven Empire of Highborn

Dwarves, also known as “Highborn” control the worlds second most powerful empire. It is located to the west of Thyane and north of the Fallen Kingdoms.

What they may lack in physical stature, the dwarves more than make up for in their architecture: building vast tiered cities that rise level upon level into the sky.

The Highborn Empire has for seven centuries sworn fealty to The Empire of Thyane, and the two empires together maintain a political strong hold over the entire known world.

Renown for their airborne vessels, dwarven airship serve as the vanguard of the Thyane military serving both over land and over sea.

The dwarven capitol city of Stonegard rises over a hundred stories high, and the Imperial palace, Stonehome, resides on a massive floating island that is situated above the capitol city. Over the centuries the two cultures have merged socially, and it’s as common to find a dwarf in a human city as it is to find a human in a dwarven stronghold.

As lineage is concerned, dwarves and human can reproduce, race being passed down by the father. A dwarven father has dwarven offspring and a human father has human offspring regardless if the mother is dwarf or human. Due to this, many of the most powerful houses in both Highborn and Thyane have both dwarven and human blood within their families — including both royal families.

Locations in Highborn

The Dwarven Empire of Highborn

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