The Fallen Kingdoms

Once both great kingdoms, Vyndorn and Thralland are collectively known as “The Fallen Kingdoms” or “The Lawless Lands.” Though the later title is less deserving as the lands of both Kingdoms, after centuries of warring, have been split into thirty or so fiefdoms, most of which manage to keep a semblance of order for those who call the Kingdoms their homes.

However, the “kings” of these fiefdoms are more akin to warlords, each commanding a small army of sellswords and conscripts, and constantly rival one another so that the region is almost always in a state of war and upheaval.

The warlords are smart enough though to keep their armies on their own side of the border and out of the Empire of Thyane to their north, less risk eradication by the Imperial army. Despite generating a source of chaos near it’s boarders, the Empress stays her hand in taking action against the dozens of fiefdoms in the Fallen Kingdoms so long as they continue to allow merchants form the lands farther south through to and from her realm unharmed.

Merchants importing or exporting goods from the Empire of Thyane carry an amulet-like sigil known as “The Shield of the Empire.” Those who bear these official seals are safe from the warlords and their armies — though it does little to nothing to protect them from renegade gangs of bandits who have become commonplace along the Kingdoms’ northern borders.

The Fallen Kingdoms

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