The Origin of Halflings

halflings.jpgHalflings are a rare occurrence between the coupling of humans and dwarves. Normally if a dwarf and human reproduce, the offspring assumes the race of the father. However, rarely (about 1/100) these offspring result in a strange mix of the two races that results in the birth of a halfling.

Halflings can reproduce with only others of their kind, so not all halflings are a direct result of a union between humans and dwarves, but all have both human and dwarven blood in their veins.

Halflings are not shunned by the common society, though often they are considered “less” than their human or dwarven siblings by their human/dwarven families as they cannot carry the bloodline of the family forward unless mating with another halfling thereby bearing more halfings.

A halfling is sometimes derogatorily refereed to as a “Halfman” (male) or “Midwench” (female).

The Origin of Halflings

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