Abryntha's Promise (On Hiatus)

A Heavy-Handed Approach...

Game Session #3 - 06/21/2014

Date: Friday, June 20, 2014
Location: Cody’s House
Time: (8:00 PM CST – 11:00 PM CST) [3.0 Hours/Cut short due to GM illness] (15.5 Hours Total Game Time)

eps017.jpgGame Time: Day 3 (Late in the PM)
Player Characters Involved: Vannic Cousland, Tormir Oakstream, Arsu Reddus, Aziz Reddus, Nestor Stonemorrow, and Claud Ironfist
Encounters: (Monster) Ogre, Advanced ~ Ogre Brute (x2), (Monster) Ogre (x4), (Monster) Female Half-Ogre Assassin (x4), Gorgon Ooze (x1)
NPCs Involved (in order of first appearance): Sir Magorn Vanderholt (tortured, mad, armless/legless; put out of his misery by Nestor), Lyness Ironfist, and another female human from the Ironfist Clan.

Treasure: Click here to see Game Session #3 Treasure Notes



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