Abryntha's Promise (On Hiatus)

The Baron Bleeds with Gavendor

Game Session #1 - 05/30/2014 (Restday, the 11th Day of Summerswake - Sunday, the 12th Day of Summerswake)

Date: Friday, May 30, 2014
Location: Cody’s House
Time: (6:30 PM CST – 1:30 AM CST) [7.0 Hours]
Game Time: Days 1 (Graceday) – Day 2 (Camped in Western Woods)
Player Characters Involved: Vannic Cousland and Tormir Oakstream
Encounters: (Monster) Female Half-Ogre Assassin (x5 [600 xp each]), (Monster) Ogre (x1 [800 xp])
XP Earned: +3,800 xp for encounters, +675 xp for milestones (4,475 Total)
NPCs Involved (in order of first appearance): Baron Theodor Gavendorn, Magus Theban Overtul, Bandon Cousland, Sir Duvaard Penderhold, Jeoff Overtul, Sir Magorn Vanderholt, Sir Duvaard Penderhold, Duubi, Madame Morganna, Ashtynn, Prince Grimrok of the House Ard’Tully (Hammer Clan), Darcanis Oakstream, and others.

Treasure: Click here to see Game Session #1 Treasure Notes



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