Abryntha's Promise (On Hiatus)

The Slaying of Legends

Game Session #10 - 11/21/2014

Date: Friday, November 21, 2014
Location: Cody’s House
Time: (7:30 PM CST – 1:00 AM CST) [5.5 Hours] (65.5 Hours Total Game Time)

Game Time: Morning of the 15th Day.

PCs Invovled: Aziz Reddus, Arsu Reddus, Claud Ironfist, Sir Nestor Stonemorrow, Tormir Oakstream, Vannic Cousland.

NPCs Involved: Lady of the Red Shard, Namani, Servant of Phode, Anataduron, Yorgonn, Devourer of Souls, Nallitha, the Destroyer.

XP Awarded: 35,133 xp to each character (for defeating Anataduron and Yorgonn, and 17,066 to each character for felling (8) Stone Golems.

Note: 318xp forwarded at beginning of campaign to Claud Ironfist per the End of Night Level Up house rule. This amount should be subtracted from the total earned from the above XP Award for Claud.

Enemies Fell: None. (Monster) Stone Golem (x8), Anataduron, and Yorgonn, Devourer of Souls

Notable Treasure: Crown of Anataduron, Robe of Anataduron, Black Chain Armor of Anataduron, The Black Sylanthium Greatsword of Anataduron, The Dragonhelm of Yorgonn.

Game Session Notes

The majority of the game session included the combat engagement with Anataduron and Yorgonn, Devourer of Souls.

When the two powerful enemies and their stone golem minions were fell, most of Phode’s Brood, who had accompanied the party to the shores of Empress Lake, had scattered in fear of the great dragon — except for a pair who had drug their badly injured leader, Namani (who fought bravely beside the party against Anataduron), to the safety of the forest’s edge.

The sky grew dark with ashen black clouds, and Nallitha, the Destroyer ascended down from above riding upon a great whirling vortex.

Stating that she had come to claim her property, the (Lady of the Red Shard) (which the party now realized had collapsed upon the ground, unconscious in the presence of Nallitha).

The Djinn demanded to know who had landed the killing blow on Anataduron, her first lieutenant, but the party refused to say. However, after scanning each of their surface thoughts, she discovered that, in fact, Aziz Reddus, had landed the blow that decapitated the man.

To the party’s surprise, she offered his position of First Lieutenant to Aziz (and the promise of wonderful things that he cannot even begin to imagine). He pondered and deeply considered the offer — to the dismay of his comrades. However, finally declined in the end. He refused the offer stating that they had all contributed to the man’s death. Nallitha replied by informing him, “When it comes to power, the only one who matters is the one who makes the final strike.”

Again, Aziz politely, but sternly this time, refused the offer. And Nallitha accepted his decision without malice saying, “There will be others who I will one day find worthy to stand by my side.”

When qeustioned by the party, she explained that the lady (and those who are like her) were her servants, created by her using a part of her own essence (once tasked with guarding the Flame of the World, and who had been stolen by the ancient Elves — who had become followers of the dark goddess Abryntha in their greed and lust for power.

The Elves used them as powerful weapons, in the age before the cataclysm, against those who opposed them. Driven mad by the dark goddess, the bigotry and hate of the Elves grew to such great extents that soon they began turning against one another (great house slaughtering great house) until the violence threatened all of mortal existence.

Nallitha, remembering the ancient ordeal, angrily stated that “I am the Destroyer, and no mortalkin shall relinquish me of that title!” she had gifted to the humans (specifically the ancient Uldune family) the secret of Sylanthium (a substance formed deep in the heart of the volcano that is her abode) which proved to be the only method to “trap” the immortal servant weapons.

In the chaos and wars that followed between the humans and elves, most of the weapons were captured and returned to the Flame of the World to be consumed by its fire and have their essence returned to their source (the soul of Nallitha).

She continues, telling the party that in that same chaos of war a handful of the weapons, trapped in Sylanthium by the humans, were captured by the Elves before being returned to volcano to be destroyed. The Elves had created powerful magical vaults to hide the weapons within, in hopes that one day they would defeat the uprising humans and Nallitha to return to power and rule over the world in service to Abryntha.

As the foggy history surrounding the cataclysm would hint, the Elves were not successful and the humans rose to dominance in their wake. Centuries later, humans would fight their own wars amongst themselves (and other races) to form new enemies and alliances that would ebb and flow throughout the generations, eventually dividing Feradomar into its present day collection of nation states. This also explains why nearly all of the “noble” blood of all the human empires can be traced back (in one way or another) to the Uldune dynasty.

The party then plead with Nallitha to release the Lady of the Red Shard (especially Vannic, whom had come to befriend the lady over the past many days.

After a very tense discussion and debate (which the djinn stated, “amused her”), Nallitha finally made an offer to Vannic

“A piece of my soul for a piece of yours (meaning ”/characters/nox" class=“wiki-content-link”>Nox)." She offered to trade the lady‘s life for the eidolon. A trade that would persist for the remainder of Vannic’s life, but also confirmed that whenever the mortal did come to his end — if he accepted the offer — she would release Nox’s essence from her ownership, but the lady would still be destroyed.

[The deal would temporarily trade Nox for the lady for the lifespan of Vannic (but an instant for a creature older than the known world itself), but wouldn’t change the ultimate outcome of the situation — the weapon would be destroyed.]

Vannic considered this, but ultimately yielded; unwilling to part with Nox in return for his new friend.

And so, Nallitha took Lady of the Red Shard with her as she ascended once more into the stygian clouds roiling above, and the two vanished together into thin air as the clouds quickly dissipated and revealed once more the bright, sunny day that had occupied the area before her arrival.



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