Fregal Domin

Mysterious Magic Item Dealer met in Namrin's Gap


In game session #12: The PCs located the magic shop, which is stocked with an amazing array of magic items — putting even the finest magic shop in golden city of Nindol to shame. Very strange for a backwater town, but the PCs do business with him anyway, trading out several magic items from their two-week-long haul for magic items they feel will better suit their goals (any minor or medium magic item was available for trade).

When the PCs completed their trade and left the shop, they discovered moments afterwards the the building the shop was in is an abandoned storehouse once used by the local general store. It’s windows are boarded up, and it’s dust laden interior hasn’t seen the light of day in decades. No one in the city seems to know the name Fregal Domin, nor do they know anything about a magic shop besides the local apothecary which can produce minor potions.


Fregal Domin

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