Lylistrahd of Thyane

High Cleric of Thyane. Genderless (Human). Called the "Eunuch." Medicus to the Empress.


Important Note: Lylistrahd is one of the only clerics in Thayne who has the ability to return those dead to the living. This makes her a highly prized asset of the Empire; typically reserved for the royal family and the nobles of the Empire.

Though called a “eunuch” by many, Lylistrahd is more a genderless human. [She] was born without gender; a state considered holy and called the “godtouched.” It wasn’t until [her] young adult life that [she] grew to have a more feminine physical features that indicated had [she] a gender, it would likely be female. As such, [she] has assumed a feminine demeanor, cantor, and self expression.

Raised in the Fallen Kingdoms at the temple of Andrassa (TN Goddess of Oaths), and doted as a chosen of [her] goddess, [she] was trained to perform as the temple’s high cleric. That was until one night the Empress of Thyane had a dream about the young cleric, in which a being of golden light told her that Lylistrahd must be offered the most holy position in the Empire: High Cleric of Thayne.

This was done, and the young cleric accepted. She has since occupied the great temple complex in the capitol city of Nindol in the Empire of Thyane. She presides over official state rituals and acts as the personal medicus of the Empress herself.

After the assassination attempt on the Baron in Gavendor, the empress sent Lylistrahd to aid with the Baron’s recovery, as well as to play a pivotal role in a secret mission that involved protecting the Prince of Highborn, who was visiting the southern city when the assassination attempt occurred. Officials of the Empire believe that the assassination was little more than a distraction in a more devious plan by the “Cult of Abyrntha” to kidnap or kill the dwarven prince.


At the end of Game Session #5….

After the airship explosions and subsequent encounters with the Cult of Abryntha and vile demons, Lylistrahd has taken it upon [herself] to take the cursed book of the late dwarven demonologist, Apoth Kepper, (previously in the possession of Vannic Cousland who was cursed by it) to [her] homeland temple in the Fallen Kingdoms. As High Priestess of Tyane, taking such an evil artifact into Nindol — so near the Empress — isn’t an risk [she] is willing to take.

Magus Theban Overtul, not keen on the idea of the high priestess traveling alone into the south (especially with an item of such dark power), he sends with her as protectors, Dahlia and a contingent of four dwarven guards who had also survived the crash of the airships.

Lylistrahd of Thyane

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