Abryntha's Promise (On Hiatus)

Ambush at Empire Pass

Game Session #12 - 03/21/2015

Date: Friday, March 20, 2015
Location: Terry’s House
Time: (7:00 PM CST – 12:00 AM CST) [5.0 Hours] (76.5 Hours Total Game Time)

Game Time: (Note: 1 week passed while in the demiplane in Game Session #12) Evening of the 22nd day, Travel to the pass on days 23-25. Arrived at pass, and ambushed mid morning on the 25th day.

PCs Invovled: Aziz Reddus, Arsu Reddus, Claud Ironfist, Sir Nestor Stonemorrow, Tormir Oakstream, Vannic Cousland.

NPCs Involved: Namani, Servant of Phode.

XP Awarded: 13,625 XP to each PC for defeating the 30 bandits in the ambush at the pass in the Empire Mountains.

Notable Treasure: 280 arrows w/ stunning poison (Fort DC 17, Stun 1d4 rounds), 26 alchemical fire grenades (1d8 +5 on direct hit, + 3d6 splash damage in 25 ft, Ref DC 25 to halve damage, Ref DC 40 to maintain footing), 260 gp, 1,200 sp, and 1 golden key (kept secret by Arsu).



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