Chapter II



From the western deserts of the Highborn Empire permeates a once forgotten and powerful evil. Blacker than the fire-blasted glass dunes of Sithurm’Tal, this evil has begun to cast its wicked shadow across the greater Empires of the North.

Mostly unnoticed, and acting esoterically for countless years, the darkness has been slowly growing in power. Century-after-century, like a festering wound left untended, The Cult of Abryntha — servants of the Queen Wraith, have bid their time mostly in seclusion and away from prying eyes. Recently that has changed.

Reports from the Dwarven capitol city of Stoneguard have begun to surface telling of gatherings of the cult, sabbats of evil Dwarven sorcerers (faithful servants of their dark goddess). The Torkranin Guard, renowned order of Highborn holy warriors, have been unable to thwart the expansion of the cult as its power grows.

The heart of the Empire of Thyane, the great city of Nindol, has been kept pure of the cult’s taint, but dark dealings have quickly spread into the surrounding territories and into the Fallen Kingdoms south of the Empire; even striking as close to home as the recent assassination attempt on Baron Theodor Gavendor in the city of his family’s namesake.

With such brazen acts of terror and chaos being perpetrated openly by the cult, it is only a matter of time before the Empress of Thyane herself becomes threatened.

To discuss potential methods of rooting the evil and destroying it, the high council of Nindol, the most honored order of Lords and Ladies, the Verdant Blade, have called to mass a gathering of the heads of each noble household in the Empire.

In response some of the realm’s greatest heroes and most learned magi have begun to converge on the capitol city, each representing their respective Lords in the call to action.

From the barony of Gavendor comes Magus Theban Overtul, first advisor and head of council to the Baron. With him follows, at the request of the Verdant Blade, a ragtag group of adventurers who managed to incontrovertibly connect the assassination attempt on the Baron (the Empress’ first cousin) with the Cult of Abryntha.

The group, hailed as local heroes in Gavendor for their actions taken to thwart further devious plans, are now journeying northward from Gavendor under the protection of Highborn Prince, Grimrok “the Hammer” Ard’Tully, and a score of heavily armed Dwarven airships dispatched from Stoneguard.

Chapter II

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