What's up with the Elves

elves.jpgWhile elves do exist in this Realm of Feradomar, they are very few and far between. In ancient times, before the time of humans, there were several great elven houses (all now forgotten), and they ruled over the world. However, the houses began a great war that lasted for one thousand years. By the time the War of Elves was over, nearly the entire race had been eradicated.

The elven nations never recovered from this debilitating blow, and their time faded into the annals of history. There are no great elven nations, no high elven kings, there aren’t even any elven cities. Those that do remain, are fragmented into small tribes that are mostly nomadic, though a few have taken to the deep forest to make their homes.

While an elf is not a unknown sight in a larger city, they make up less than 0.01% of the population of any city, and are usually bread out within a few generations of parting from their tribes/villages.

There is no disdain for elves by the common populace, but the myth of the great Elven Wars appears in several children’s stories, and they are considered to be an example of the devastation war and disorder can cause.

What's up with the Elves

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